Frequent Asked Questions

How Can I Find Out More About an Item?

Contact us through email, text, or phone

If An Item is Out of Stock, When Will It Be Back In Stock?

It depends on the item needed anywhere from 1-12 weeks

How Do I Place An Order?

Call us or email us with what you need; a pic is always helpful of the item you have.

When Do I Make Payment?

Payment is due at check out

How Do I Check Pricing and Availability?

Call, text, or email us.


If I Place My Order Today, When Can I Expect to Receive My Order?

Upon completed payment; in most cases within 2-3 business days

How Can I Track My Order?

We try to have tracking info sent to your email address provided us.

How Do I Receive My Order?

USPS (United States Postal Service)

Can This Ole Coupe.Com Ship to International or Overseas Locations?

Yes there is an added overseas fee included in the S&H fee depending on the country.

What do I do if my Item was Damaged during Shipping?

Call, email, or text us for return and replacement.


When Do I Make Payment?

You will receive an invoice

What Forms of Payment Does This Ole Coupe.Com accept?

Paypal, Visa, MC, Discover, and Check

Do I pay Sales Tax?

Yes you will be charged sales tax unless you can send us an exemption form.


I need to Return an Item.

Just email, text, or call us any issues and we will work them out together.